Random Pictures

I posted our London trip and our cruise below.  Since we were behind I wanted to just put in some recent pictures of Saileey and us in addition (for the grandparents).

This is one invention that makes me proud.  It is a card table with just two of the legs extended and the other side rested on pillows so it is perfect for Saileey to color on.

She loves to play the piano and sing, I'm glad she takes after her mother :)

Still working on the concept of playing the piano

Welcome to Nursery!! On Sundays, we take the Sacrament at home (only members left in country), watch some general conference, and then have Nursery.  Saileey rocks at looking at pictures, eating snacks, and coloring.

Andrea's hair and dress for the Official Independence Day Celebration

Saileey's 4th of July outfit--Go America!!!

Saileey loves to be chased, this is a sample of her running (and being chased)

She likes to hide behind her crib when getting chased and this is her action shot of running out of her hiding spot

An owl towel made by Stephanie Torres.  Saileey LOVES it and calls every towel "hoo hoo" (like an owl)

Every kid's dream, a huge box and crayons

Our consumable shipment arrived (thanks Mom and Dad Francom for putting it together).  For those that can't see, this is almost all Western Family, only the best brand out there!!

We've retired our indoor pool for a new and improved version :)

Baby Bump!

More posts below!!

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